As a lifelong winter enthusiast, I have always loved taking my children, Liam and Isla, outside to play in the cold. We even had our own routine: I would take 25 minutes to bundle them up; we would play for 10 minutes; and then the inevitable always happened – those cozy, warm mittens would fall off. Every single time. Within a few minutes there were tears and constant complaints about how their hands were SO cold. Our fun winter plans always melted quickly, and we were left with no choice but to unhappily return back home.

After a countless number of these failed winter play dates, a light bulb finally went off in my head! What if I sewed a snap onto their fleeces that would then attach onto their mittens? Would a solution as simple as that work? I didn’t know, but I was determined to find out.

I immediately went to YouTube, searched “how to sew”, and watched a lesson or two (maybe three…). After that I grabbed my needle and thread, a few snap fasteners, their fleeces and mittens, and began to work. My craftsmanship wasn’t exceptional, not even good for that matter, but my design and execution were 100% successful. Liam, Isla, and myself spent the rest of that winter playing outside for hours on end with mittens that did not fall off their little hands.

My wife, Kari, convinced me I was onto something big. As she put it, my design is “a need” for all those kids whose mittens fall off, as well as for those who constantly pull them off. Furthermore, how many parents have felt that immediate sense of frustration when their little ones lose their mittens, she asked me? Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? I think my wife might be right (but please don’t tell her).

So together, Kari and I worked hard to design a children’s clothing line that was not only fashion forward and on trend, but also comfortable, functional, and most importantly, necessary. We immediately focused on designing a line that utilized fabric that could produce clothing for anyone of any age. In Kari’s words, “just because a child is young, doesn’t mean they have to wear blue sailboats and pink elephants. Children’s wear doesn’t have to look like children’s wear; it can merely look like smaller sizing.”

And that is how Liam and Isla was born.

~Rand Bruce, Founder Liam & Isla Inc.